I had lunch today with TYHBS Educator/Coach Dr. Rosemary Agostini and SPD Chief John Diaz – wow, what an inspiring pair. We talked about community, partnership and the power of bringing various organizations together to amplify the positive difference we can all make. Rosemary highlighted some of the collaboration between Group Health and SPD. We shared our vision for TYHBS with Chief Diaz and brainstormed ways we connect SPD, Group Health and the Storm. I really enjoyed our chat and look forward to following up with additional members of SPD to continue the conversation.


The First Step

Karen with Lindsay at home.

Karen with Lindsay at home.


Well, so here we go. My first of what I’m sure will be hundreds of blog entries throughout the TYHBS campaign. Today is Lindsay’s fifth birthday and what better day to officially get this whole journey started. She is one of my motivations for this whole idea. I turned 45 this year and am tired of being out of shape and limited in what I can do physically, including running around with her. I want to be fit again and I want to a better model for healthy living and do I have work to do! I know the work will be at times humbling and frustrating, but I also know it will be fun and rewarding.

I also had my physical today with Dr. Duze at Virginia Mason. Luckily I haven’t required doctor visits very often, but I really enjoyed the visit today. I talked to her about Take Your Health By Storm and asked if she would be willing to participate; she said yes immediately. We talked about the importance of a holistic approach (see my Wellness Wheel). She really took the time to learn about the campaign and my motivations and concerns as I go forward. She is a career woman with two young children so we also talked about work/life balance and taking care of ourselves. We agreed on baseline measurements to get based on my age and health profile (see my Health Profile). We started with height and weight to get BMI rating – needless to say, I’m not at all happy, in fact quite overwhelmed, with my current rating and look forward to upgrading that from “obese class 1” to “overweight” and eventually “normal!”