Nutritionist Meeting


I met with Wendy (nutritionist) today during practice and turned in my meal planning for the week. I didn’t do so well eating breakfast; she thought dinners were pretty balanced (thanks to Mer). I definitely need to eat more fruits and vegetables. It was interesting (and helpful) to pay attention to my hunger scale. We put together a grocery list to help me stock up my office with healthy breakfast, lunch and snack options. I know a key to my success is going to be meal planning. Over the years, I’ve often talked about meal planning each weekend for the upcoming work week, but I haven’t been disciplined at all in following through on the idea. I’m so preoccupied throughout the day and often on the run which leads to bad choices; often not eating at all or eating poorly. I know the meal planning and stocking up at the office will help a lot.


One thought on “Nutritionist Meeting

  1. Hi, Karen. I just saw this blog for the first time and wanted to send a note of support. I’m experienced with the whole foods aspect of getting healthy, and wonder if you’ve tried green smoothies or heard about eating more alkaline foods. The smoothies may look weird, but are amazingly healthy, taste more like fruit, and are easy to make in advance and have with you while you’re away from the kitchen. I’d be happy to bring one to a game, or share a recipe. My non-commercial website is My Storm acct # is 317891. GO Storm, and Go Karen!

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