Camping Weekend


We went camping this weekend and had a great weekend – beautiful weather and great friends. There were six adults and six kids. It was a great park for kids – lots of space, a playground, fishing hole, duck pond, volleyball, bocce and more. One of the highlights was Lindsay riding a bike without training wheels for the first time (on grass and for only about five seconds, but a milestone nonetheless)! I’m including our trip in my blog because I was really bummed and somewhat surprised how hard it was for me to participate in a friendly game of kickball with our friends and all the kids. I had the hardest time just running around the bases (I almost got lapped by another mom) and my only shot at getting the competition out was to catch the ball on the fly. I haven’t actually tried to run fast for awhile so I had no idea how bad my knees really are. I’m going to get in to see Dr. Chun (team doctor) when we get back to Seattle. I had MRIs on both knees several years back and surgery was not a consideration, but I need to have them checked out again, especially given what my goals are in terms of increased physical activity. Fingers crossed.


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