In Wendy’s Words: Lifestyle Changes


Karen is at a stage in her life where she is ready to make some real lifestyle changes. Like most of us, she has a great understanding of what healthy foods are and what she should be eating, but if only it was that easy! So far her biggest barrier is her busy schedule and making sure she finds time to eat regular meals and snacks throughout the day! We are working on making sure Karen eats breakfast every day. This is key and will help kick start her metabolism. We are also stocking her office with lots of healthy whole foods so she always has snacks available if she is getting hungry throughout the day or working through lunch. This will prevent her from getting over hungry later in the day and overeating. Last, Karen has been working on recognizing her hunger and full cues and being more mindful when she eats, this is not an easy task to master, but once she does she will be well on her way!


2 thoughts on “In Wendy’s Words: Lifestyle Changes

  1. Karen I want to say congrats on starting this journey..Mike and I have struggled with it for most of our lives…But it is possible and Boy does it ever feel great. In the last year and a half I have lost 86 pounds..I can not remember being this weight. but most of all , at 67 years old I feel so much younger..You are doing it right…Keep it up. Mike and I both commented at opening night that you looked really good.. We will be cheering you on…Go Karen & Go Storrm..

    • Thanks to you both! Folks like you who have already made the changes I apsire to make are my inspiration. Congratulations to you; I hope to be saying the same real soon.

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