Starting the Week Off Right


I’m off to a much better start this week! I’ve had back-to-back workouts to start off the week. I had a great Flywheel class with Aina tonight. It felt great to be breathless at times and drenched with sweat. Plus, I LOVE Aina’s energy and how she motivates and pushes everyone throughout the class. She has a knack for saying (screaming) the right words at exactly the right time when I’m struggling or feeling myself backing off. And she has the best playlist.

Yesterday I ate three healthy meals and had an afternoon snack. I also had a great midday workout with Brian. I ended up asking him if we could switch up whatever he had planned so that I could do some cardio work. I told him I had a tough morning and needed to de-stress and just try to sweat it out. He was great in shifting gears and just giving me a little space. We normally chat a little while we’re together, but it was all I could do not to cry so it was a quiet session. The workout and just hanging with him (he’s so chill and positive) was exactly what I needed to get my emotions back on track and reset for my afternoon. I came home and we had a great family dinner including grilled salmon and asparagus. When I told Lindsay my “down” was a tough day at work (we share our “ups and downs” at dinner every night), her response was, “I’m sorry Mama, I hope you have a better day.” I just stared at her, absorbed her sincerity and let go one of the biggest smiles. I absolutely love my life, but every now and then it becomes overwhelming. There’s nothing like the love and support of my partner and 5-year-old daughter to remind me how fortunate I am and to get me to the next day recharged and ready to get take on whatever comes my way.

In short, I’m feeling good about my start to the week (I need to make up for last week’s transgressions). Anyone else out there need to bounce back from a not-so-healthy week last week? I’m pulling for you!


Getting Back On Track


I’ve had a stretch of a few bad days by TYHBS standards. I haven’t eaten breakfast the past two days, canceled my workout with Brian on Monday and stopped for fast food after the game last night. Ouch!

I attempted to redeem myself and get back on track by going shopping today to stock up my office on breakfast options and healthy snacks. I took the list Wendy gave me and ended up with:

  • Nut mix
  • Granola with flax
  • Greek yogurt
  • Cut melon
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Whole wheat crackers
  • Light Babybel cheese
  • Dried mango
  • Hummus

Mind if We Play Through?


View from No. 8 hole at Sandpoint CC. More than 5K steps so far!


TGIF! It’s been a hectic week. There is so much effort leading up to Opening Night (we got the sellout we worked for – woohoo!) which requires us to defer a lot of other critical activities so that once Opening Night is “in the books,” there is the next wave of action items piled up and ready for our attention. Given that, I’m pleased to report that my exercise today will come in the form of golf. I’m so excited to have some time outside (haven’t seen the sun much yet), playing a game I love (in spite of how maddening it can be) with some really great people. Our foursome today is Christie Smith from Deloitte,  one of the Storm’s newest sponsors; Ingrid Russell-Narcisse, a former UW hoopster and longtime Mariners employee; and Dillon Emry, one of our great Storm interns who also happens to be a collegiate golfer. There’s not much better than the combination of walking in the sunshine and playing golf with friends. I’m not sure how high my heart rate will go (FORE!), but I’ll certainly get the pedometer count up.

It’s Like Riding a Bike


I rode my bike twice this weekend; first time in a long time that I can remember back-to-back exercise. That’s a milestone! The first ride was more about getting used to riding again and exploring possible routes around our house. Sunday’s ride I went farther and got into it enough to feel some burn in my legs and shortness of breath, which felt really great. After meeting with Dr. Chun on Friday, I’m realizing that depending on what’s going on with my knees, cycling may have to be one of my main activities.

Take Your Health by Storm!


We launched Take Your Health by Storm in arena tonight! I hope lots of fans join me for the upcoming fitness activities. They are designed to be for people of all fitness levels and are also designed to celebrate the great outdoors – nature’s gym! They include Bicycle Sunday along Lake Washington and kayaking on Lake Union. I hope our fans also find the information on the site encouraging and helpful. We’ve put together a great team and they have a lot of insight and resources to offer.

I met with Dr. Chun briefly before the game and talked about the pain I’m having in my knees, mostly right knee. I told him I had scans several years ago and they didn’t show anything that surgery could fix, but was told that I have DJD (degenerative joint disease) in both knees and chondromalacia pretty bad in my right knee. I’m going to have the old scans sent over to Dr. Chun just as a baseline, but he suspects that the arthritis is more symptomatic with my increased activity. He encouraged consistent PT to build the muscles around the knee to stabilize and to ensure good tracking. I knew that was likely coming and I’ll get on that next week.

Storm Opening Night Win


Seattle Storm vs. Phoenix Mercury. June 2, 2013. The Storm won 75-72 in front of a sold-out KeyArena.


What a game last night!!! It was among the best home openers in franchise history. There is always so much buildup leading into Opening Night and even more so this year with so many new players. I was so proud of our whole Storm family. Our players and coaches first and foremost for the way they prepared and played, but also our staff for how hard it worked for the sellout and, of course, the fans for filling the seats and cheering the team with so much passion and enthusiasm. Home Court Advantage at its best! Now, back to TYHBS – I had my second workout with Brian today. Much of the workout was a repeat (which I liked) with a few new movements added. Unfortunately, I didn’t do the workout on my own between sessions with him like I hoped, but I felt much better today than the first time. Maybe that’s because I knew what to expect. Or maybe, in part, my body is getting used to moving and engaging again even with just the little increase in activity over the past several weeks.