Take Your Health by Storm!


We launched Take Your Health by Storm in arena tonight! I hope lots of fans join me for the upcoming fitness activities. They are designed to be for people of all fitness levels and are also designed to celebrate the great outdoors – nature’s gym! They include Bicycle Sunday along Lake Washington and kayaking on Lake Union. I hope our fans also find the information on the site encouraging and helpful. We’ve put together a great team and they have a lot of insight and resources to offer.

I met with Dr. Chun briefly before the game and talked about the pain I’m having in my knees, mostly right knee. I told him I had scans several years ago and they didn’t show anything that surgery could fix, but was told that I have DJD (degenerative joint disease) in both knees and chondromalacia pretty bad in my right knee. I’m going to have the old scans sent over to Dr. Chun just as a baseline, but he suspects that the arthritis is more symptomatic with my increased activity. He encouraged consistent PT to build the muscles around the knee to stabilize and to ensure good tracking. I knew that was likely coming and I’ll get on that next week.


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