Mind if We Play Through?


View from No. 8 hole at Sandpoint CC. More than 5K steps so far!


TGIF! It’s been a hectic week. There is so much effort leading up to Opening Night (we got the sellout we worked for – woohoo!) which requires us to defer a lot of other critical activities so that once Opening Night is “in the books,” there is the next wave of action items piled up and ready for our attention. Given that, I’m pleased to report that my exercise today will come in the form of golf. I’m so excited to have some time outside (haven’t seen the sun much yet), playing a game I love (in spite of how maddening it can be) with some really great people. Our foursome today is Christie Smith from Deloitte,  one of the Storm’s newest sponsors; Ingrid Russell-Narcisse, a former UW hoopster and longtime Mariners employee; and Dillon Emry, one of our great Storm interns who also happens to be a collegiate golfer. There’s not much better than the combination of walking in the sunshine and playing golf with friends. I’m not sure how high my heart rate will go (FORE!), but I’ll certainly get the pedometer count up.


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