Starting the Week Off Right


I’m off to a much better start this week! I’ve had back-to-back workouts to start off the week. I had a great Flywheel class with Aina tonight. It felt great to be breathless at times and drenched with sweat. Plus, I LOVE Aina’s energy and how she motivates and pushes everyone throughout the class. She has a knack for saying (screaming) the right words at exactly the right time when I’m struggling or feeling myself backing off. And she has the best playlist.

Yesterday I ate three healthy meals and had an afternoon snack. I also had a great midday workout with Brian. I ended up asking him if we could switch up whatever he had planned so that I could do some cardio work. I told him I had a tough morning and needed to de-stress and just try to sweat it out. He was great in shifting gears and just giving me a little space. We normally chat a little while we’re together, but it was all I could do not to cry so it was a quiet session. The workout and just hanging with him (he’s so chill and positive) was exactly what I needed to get my emotions back on track and reset for my afternoon. I came home and we had a great family dinner including grilled salmon and asparagus. When I told Lindsay my “down” was a tough day at work (we share our “ups and downs” at dinner every night), her response was, “I’m sorry Mama, I hope you have a better day.” I just stared at her, absorbed her sincerity and let go one of the biggest smiles. I absolutely love my life, but every now and then it becomes overwhelming. There’s nothing like the love and support of my partner and 5-year-old daughter to remind me how fortunate I am and to get me to the next day recharged and ready to get take on whatever comes my way.

In short, I’m feeling good about my start to the week (I need to make up for last week’s transgressions). Anyone else out there need to bounce back from a not-so-healthy week last week? I’m pulling for you!


3 thoughts on “Starting the Week Off Right

  1. Karen,
    You are so awesome, I bet a lot of people are inspired by you out there, I know I am!!
    As far as food goes, make sure you don’t beat yourself up about not eating great 100% of the time, who cares! Overall, if you’re eating well most of the time (maybe 80%-90%), a few bad days or meals are nothing to worry about! So don’t fuel feeling guilty about eating unhealthy with eating more unhealthy things… if you know what I mean.:) Don’t get into that cycle, just move on to the next meal and next day and don’t think about it again, it’s done!
    Awesome that you got all your meals in and snack!! Nice job, I’m sure it wasn’t easy!

  2. Karen,
    Great Job -with writing your blogs and getting back on track – agree with Wendy –
    Chief Diaz asked me how you were doiing and so delighted to read your blog from this week to give Chief an update
    ( learned even when a Police Chief is retired they still get call Chief). Have a great weekend!!
    Kindest Regards,
    Rosemary Agostini MD

  3. Karen,
    You’re an inspiration to all the former athletes out there that swore they would stay in shape over the years. And then life in the real world took over. Thank you for showing us all that we have the power to re-dedicate and re-discipline ourselves to earn the bodies and minds we all deserve. Thanks for being the leader that you are.
    Go Karen, Go Storm and Go Go Go former athletes!

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