Halfway Point


It’s the start of another week and I’ve set a couple new goals for myself for this week to launch the next phase of my journey: at least 30 minutes of exercise and no alcohol! I’m not sure which one is more challenging, but I’m excited to commit on both fronts for at least the next week.  July marks the halfway point in the calendar year so it’s also time to audit where I’m doing well and where I’m falling behind. I’m going to check in this week with my TYHBS team so check back for updates on those conversations. And still working hard on the breakfast thing. I’m better, but still not 100%. I can definitely tell when I do eat breakfast and I completely get the science of kickstarting your metabolism  so it’s totally logical and feels good. I just need to work on consistency when life (work) gets in the way.


One thought on “Halfway Point

  1. Anytime you are trying to make a new habit (eating breakfast) it takes time and when you feel good it definitely makes it easier to keep doing. You are now eating breakfast more often than not so that is a HUGE accomplishment, nice job!

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