Kayaking Adventure


Sue Bird joined us on our kayaking adventure


Our kayaking event this morning was great! We had a big turnout of Storm fans and staff. We also had some special guests: @WNBAPrez Laurel Richie, Sue Bird, Ginny Gilder and my TYHBS coach/educator Dr. Rosemary Agostini. The route was perfect and included sightings of several ducklings and a young  otter.

kayaking 2

Storm staffer Shannon Burley and partner Angie row in unison through the water

The best part of these events for me has been the chance to interact with fans and hear about their interest in TYHBS and their motivations for getting involved. This morning’s participants included Janet and Dean. Janet has been kayaking for many years, but today was the first time husband Dean had been in a kayak with her. Another participant and Storm Season Ticket Holder, J.T., and his wife have been wanting to kayak for a long time and our invitation finally got them out on the water.  We had several kids too, including Kayleigh, 10, who paddled from the middle seat sandwiched between her moms, Heather and Kay. We also had first-time kayakers Shauna and Meghan from our Storm staff.

Thanks to my siblings and their partners for joining us today. And to Navreet and Dillon for organizing the morning.

Our hosts at Agua Verde Paddle Club were really helpful (and patient). Special thanks to AVPC El Presidente, Rey Lopez, for making special accommodations for our large group of mostly beginning paddlers. AVPC makes great tacos too!

P.S. My arms are going to be sore tomorrow!


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