Rough Start


So, I’m less than a week in and not doing so well. We got back earlier tonight from a long weekend on Merrily’s family boat and I didn’t do so well the past three days with my daily goals. I had a great weekend with our family, but not so great with my Challenge effort. I ate a healthy breakfast each day so I have a perfect score on that front so far. I exercised Saturday, but missed Friday and Sunday. And I haven’t figured out the meditation “thing” so I’m completely failing on that one. I’m on tomorrow though! In short, I’m at 6/12 or 50% after four days. Not a great start, but no more vacations this month so it’s time to hunker down.


One thought on “Rough Start

  1. This is tough stuff, creating a new routine. I have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get my quiet time and writing in, otherwise, fahgettabout it. I managed to get my meditation in last night before I fell asleep, but couldn’t get my writing in. Boy, I was glad to wake up early today and get it started. The no butter/heavy cream is a bit daunting, especially as my daughter bought a pint of heavy cream and it is sitting, mostly full, front and center in our fridge. Will someone please rescue it from my clutches! Not sure how long my will power will last. Stretching is going well, mostly because I’ve figured out how to do it while I walk my pups. This entire process is making me think about the power of intention and the importance of taking little steps regularly… incremental progress doesn’t just build strong bodies, it brings dreams to fruition.

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