A Perfect Day


I had my first “perfect” score yesterday; 3 for 3. Another healthy breakfast – I’ve got a streak going on that one – 45 minutes of exercise and my first meditation session. It was great. It took me a few minutes to relax, but once I did I was in a zone. I’m curious to see how the meditation experience evolves for me as I learn more about it and experiment a little. If you have any tips or resources related to meditation that you want to share, please do.

Yesterday, I also accomplished my first of two whole foods only days for this week. I had fruit for breakfast, chicken breast and sweet potatoes for lunch, and steak, broccolini and quinoa for dinner. Yum! Thursday marks the end of my first week and that will be my 2 of 2 whole foods only day for Week 1. Gotta hit that stretch goal for those 10 points!


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