Two Weeks Down!


Today marks the end of Week 2!

In terms of points, I’ve earned 29 of 42 or 69% so far, which is not great by my standards and certainly below where I want to be, but I’m proud of the changes I have made.

My primary successes are eating breakfast; all but one day so far. Given that this is an entirely new weekday activity for me, I’m proud of my consistency on this one. You may be saying, “Well, that’s an easy one,” and you’re not wrong, but I just wasn’t doing it until the Challenge. In my initial meeting with Wendy (and in every conversation since), she emphasizes the importance of breakfast. I get it now!  

When it comes to my goal of meditating daily, I got a slow start, but have followed through on nine of the past 10 days. And now I’m hooked. I’m still experimenting with different resources and getting a lot from learning different ways to relax.

I’m also tracking my stretch goal of only whole foods twice per week. The change is helping with meal planning and definitely ensuring more fruits and veggies overall.

So now the less than stellar results…on the exercise front, I’m falling short. My goal is 10K steps or 45 minutes every day. I’ve achieved only seven of the 14 days – only 50%. I’m not satisfied whatsoever with these results. No excuses – I just simply need to MAKE  the time! There were at least four days during the past two weeks that I had my plan for exercise and I let something else take priority. On the bright side, I exercised seven of the past 14 days!!! There is a lot of room for improvement, but given that before #healthbystorm, I would go weeks without exercise, I’m definitely making progress.

Let me know how you’re doing with your Challenge by posting comments below.


2 thoughts on “Two Weeks Down!

  1. I’m using a parenting app on my phone to track my results (ireward chart). I’m tracking zero pop (soda), no gluten and BE ACTIVE! So far I’m at about 80% for each goal. It’s way easier to follow the food goals when I’m at home, but deleting pop has definitely taken some pounds off. My stretch goal is to be able to keep it up after going back to school! Thanks for the inspiration KB!

    • That’s great progress Chellie! I can definitely relate to the notion of work getting in the way of exercise. Keep up the hard work – it’s worth it.

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