Finishing the Challenge


Good morning, all. I’m in the home stretch! For those of you who started your Challenge with me on Aug. 1, we only have nine days left (single digits – yeah). I woke up today feeling energized that it’s the start of our fourth week. I’ll do a complete rundown of my Challenge (the good, the bad and the ugly) when we wrap up next week, but in the meantime, let’s all finish strong!


2 thoughts on “Finishing the Challenge

  1. Hey KB- good luck with your last week! I started a few days later than you so I am just about halfway done. I am definitely finding it easier to remove something (e.g. not drinking pop) than to add something to my day (in this case, the stretching I am supposed to be doing to help with my R.A.). But I am doing ok with that, and at least I am thinking about it more, which I am sure will make my doc happy! Also being a little creative when I am doing it- who knew that sitting in traffic would be a good way to get my hand stretches in… but it works!

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