Challenge Complete


Well, my first 30-Day Challenge comes to a close today. All in all, I’m proud of putting myself out there and for setting ambitious goals. As I said before, I did much better on some goals than others, but I did improve some behaviors overall so that’s a move in the right direction. I’ll have a full recap next week and also some thoughts on 30-Day Challenge Part 2 – yes, I’m going to start it all over again!

Congratulations to each of you for participating and for committing to positive changes in your own lives. I look forward to hearing how you did – do share!

Have a great extended weekend!


One thought on “Challenge Complete

  1. Ok, today is August 31st and the 30 day challenge is officially over. I finished the month both disappointed and pleased with myself. First the bad news: my goal to write and meditate daily was just too ambitious. The days I accomplished both, I felt terrific, but the press of my daily life made consistent delivery pretty tough. The good news: I became more conscious of my add-on eating habits and saw myself make some healthy choices when push came to shove and I had to not reach for the butter. The idea of losing a point did make a difference! My best success was that I stretched 29 of 30 days, which for someone who hates it and has assiduously avoided doing so for > 35 years as a competitive athlete, was a big accomplishment. I won’t admit that I like stretching, but I am committed to continuing the practice I’ve established. And, I did accomplish my big 10 point goal… riding from my home to the top of Sunrise at Mount Rainier, 100+ miles, even though I got poured on. So, I’m going into autumn with a determination to continue stretching, working on daily writing & quiet time, and paying attention to healthy eating. KB, you were an inspiration! Great effort!

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