My 30-Day Challenge!


And so it begins – the Take Your Health By Storm 30-Day Challenge!

My daily goals are:

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast
  2. 45 minutes of exercise or 10,000 steps
  3. 15 minutes of meditation

And my stretch goal is to eat whole foods two days a week.

My approach with my daily goals was to identify one nutrition goal, one fitness goal and one stress management goal. I definitely wanted to set eating and exercise goals, but oftentimes stress and poor work/life balance are what get in the way of me making good choices so I thought it was important to include a goal related to relaxation and quiet time. Merrily and I came up with a joint stretch goal – something we’ve talked about – and doing it together will better set us up for success. I may actually even cook a few meals. 🙂

I did eat a healthy breakfast this morning (thanks to the Seafair Foundation Jam with the Jets event).  I’m planning to go walking before the game tonight and I’ll be sure to get in my breathing exercises at some point this afternoon.

I’m really excited about The Challenge and hope you’ll be inspired to sign up today. You can start anytime, but no time like the present. We’ve provided some suggestions for goals to help you get started and we’ve also provided a Challenge Tracker for your use.

I’ve already received commitments from several friends and families and I hope hundreds of Storm fans jump on board too. If you’re like me, you’ve been talking about making changes for some time. This is a great opportunity to start NOW!

Thanks in advance for supporting my journey. I’ll be reporting back on my progress and look forward to hearing yours. WE GOT THIS!


30-Day Challenge Begins


Good morning, all!  I’m just finishing up a healthy breakfast and my one cup of coffee for the day (no more vanilla syrup). We are putting the finishing touches on our 30-Day Challenge, which officially launches tomorrow! It’s easy to participate and you can customize your Challenge to fit your personal goals. The best part is you’ll have the entire Storm family with you to encourage and motivate you to achieve your goals and to maintain the discipline it takes to change habits. I hope you will all consider signing up for the Challenge and joining me, Laurel Richie, Ginny Gilder, Brian Agler and lots of Storm fans as we take our #HealthByStorm! Stay tuned for more information tomorrow.

Lights, camera, action!


kb workout

Working out with Brian and Evening Magazine (photo: Michelle/Denali Fitness)

Another great workout with Brian today and this time we were filmed! Michael King from Evening Magazine was with us at Denali Fitness this morning to tape our workout for a segment in an upcoming show about Take Your Health by Storm. It was a little strange to have a camera watching every move. I hope it turns out ok. Don’t they say cameras make you look bigger than you are? Just keep that in mind when you watch! 🙂 That said, I’m really excited (and proud) that momentum is starting to really build for the program. Thanks to Michael and Tom for joining us and to Evening Magazine for its interest in the campaign.

Kayaking Adventure


Sue Bird joined us on our kayaking adventure


Our kayaking event this morning was great! We had a big turnout of Storm fans and staff. We also had some special guests: @WNBAPrez Laurel Richie, Sue Bird, Ginny Gilder and my TYHBS coach/educator Dr. Rosemary Agostini. The route was perfect and included sightings of several ducklings and a young  otter.

kayaking 2

Storm staffer Shannon Burley and partner Angie row in unison through the water

The best part of these events for me has been the chance to interact with fans and hear about their interest in TYHBS and their motivations for getting involved. This morning’s participants included Janet and Dean. Janet has been kayaking for many years, but today was the first time husband Dean had been in a kayak with her. Another participant and Storm Season Ticket Holder, J.T., and his wife have been wanting to kayak for a long time and our invitation finally got them out on the water.  We had several kids too, including Kayleigh, 10, who paddled from the middle seat sandwiched between her moms, Heather and Kay. We also had first-time kayakers Shauna and Meghan from our Storm staff.

Thanks to my siblings and their partners for joining us today. And to Navreet and Dillon for organizing the morning.

Our hosts at Agua Verde Paddle Club were really helpful (and patient). Special thanks to AVPC El Presidente, Rey Lopez, for making special accommodations for our large group of mostly beginning paddlers. AVPC makes great tacos too!

P.S. My arms are going to be sore tomorrow!

Riding and Walking


kb and lindsay

It was a great weekend for #healthbystorm! I rode my bike on Saturday across I-90 and looped around Mercer Island a bit and then back. The head/side wind coming back from MI across the bridge was brutal, but it’s such a beautiful and unique vantage point from a bike. I followed that up on Sunday with the See Jane Run 5K at Gasworks. I walked it with Merrily and Lindsay and some Storm fans. It was a great course that wound into Fremont and along the canal. I was really moved by the event. It felt great to be done with my exercise before 10 a.m., but more than that, there was just a really positive vibe . This is what I posted on Twitter (you can follow me at @KBSeattleStorm) shortly after we crossed the finish line: “So inspiring to sit near the finish line of event like this & watch women of all ages races & shapes pushing to end. #girlpower.” My goal is to RUN in the same event next year!

Finding My Strength


I had another great workout with Brian today! I’m really appreciating how he finds the balance between increasing the activity level to challenge me and expand my fitness without ramping up so quickly that I feel defeated. Today we transitioned a lot quicker between exercises and moved into some new strength moves. It’s great to feel a sense of accomplishment even though I know I still have so far to go to get to my goals. In watching myself in the mirror during a couple squat routines, I could actually see muscle definition in my quads. Glad to know it’s still in there under all that extra stuff on top! 🙂 Little by little…

P.S. Going on four days in a row of exercising at least 30 minutes! Blew my no alcohol streak with a glass of champagne during date night dinner, but that’s another story. I’m back on it starting today.

Halfway Point


It’s the start of another week and I’ve set a couple new goals for myself for this week to launch the next phase of my journey: at least 30 minutes of exercise and no alcohol! I’m not sure which one is more challenging, but I’m excited to commit on both fronts for at least the next week.  July marks the halfway point in the calendar year so it’s also time to audit where I’m doing well and where I’m falling behind. I’m going to check in this week with my TYHBS team so check back for updates on those conversations. And still working hard on the breakfast thing. I’m better, but still not 100%. I can definitely tell when I do eat breakfast and I completely get the science of kickstarting your metabolism  so it’s totally logical and feels good. I just need to work on consistency when life (work) gets in the way.