Guest Post: Words From Wendy


Here are some food hints to help you on your journey!

  • Snack smart
    • Peanut butter spread onto apple slices
    • Trail Mix: Almonds, sunflower seeds and raisins
    • Whole wheat pretzels with spicy mustard
    • Banana split: slice banana length wise top with frozen yogurt and top with nuts
    • Sprinkle low fat cheese over corn tortilla fold in half, microwave and top with salsa
    • Air-popped popcorn sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese – homemade air-popped popcorn has 80% less saturated fat than tortilla chips and more than twice the fiber
    • Fruit smoothie
    • Mini pizza – whole wheat English muffin, pizza sauce and low fat mozzarella cheese
    • Quinoa is a tasty alternative to rice – one cup of cooked quinoa has 15% fewer carbohydrates and 60% more protein than a comparable amount of brown rice; it also has 25% more fiber, which can help lower blood cholesterol
    • Ditch high-fat salad dressings for balsamic vinegar or lemon juice
    • Replace croutons with walnuts on your salad, which are high in polyunsaturated fat- a good fat
    • Change it up
      • Try replacing sour cream with plain Greek yogurt
      • Instead of sugary sodas try adding seltzer water to ½ cup of 100% fruit juice
      • Make at least half of your grains whole grains
      • Instead of ground beef, substitute it with lean ground turkey
      • In many baking recipes you can reduce the amount of saturated fats by substituting butter with fiber filled unsweetened apple sauce and ground flax seeds
  • Eat breakfast every morning. Breakfast powers you up and gets you going and gives you the energy you need to start your day.
  • Make half your plate veggies. Make sure your plate is nice and colorful. The more color the better!
  • Keep portion size in mind. For example: tennis ball, desk of cards, dice.
  • Learn about what you are eating by reading the food labels. Can you pronounce the words? How long is the ingredient list?
  • Cook more at home and have more family meal time. Teach your children about the foods they are eating and what goes into the food they are eating. A fun way to do this is to let them help you prepare a meal.
  • Color your plate with salad. Pack more nutrition into your day with a wonderful salad (full of avocado nuts and seeds) as a main dish or side.
  • Drink more water, at least eight 8 oz. glasses. Try having at least one glass of water with each meal and when you brush your teeth.
  • Be an active family. An active family is a happy family. Set time aside every day to spend time together as a family and be active. Go for a bike ride, a hike or just throw the ball around outside. Get moving!


I am so honored and excited to be a guest on KB’s blog. The TYHBS campaign has been so much fun to be a part of and I love being available for the community. I am going to try and write a couple times a month so please feel free to send questions my way. Nutrition should be fun and simple, not something else you have to stress about. We all know what you should and shouldn’t eat, but if only it was that easy, right?! Well, together, hopefully we can make nutrition and diet easier and something you enjoy.

I’m all about keeping it super simple and easy…promise! Here is an easy snack or breakfast idea that you can throw together for you or the kids in just a few minutes. You can eat it at work or school or you can eat it on the way. Here you go!

Banana Sandwich

1 banana

1 tbsp peanut or other nut butter

1 tbsp flax seeds or chia seeds

Slice banana in half lengthwise. Spread nut butter across the cut side and sprinkle seeds on top. Replace the other half and eat like a sandwich!

Recipe by Sarah Martin

Goal ideas:

Eat breakfast daily

Drink at least eight 8 oz glasses of water a day

Always eat at least one family meal together

Cook at least two meals a week

Go out to eat less

Try a new recipe a week

Do a total of 150 minutes of walking/exercise a week

At least 30 minutes of activity a day

Be more active with the kids

Eat at least one piece of fruit a day (snack and breakfast are the easiest)

Change to 100% whole wheat bread

Go to sleep one hour earlier on week nights

Watch one less hour of TV a day


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