Loree Payne

loreeAs a former college athlete at the University of Washington, Loree Payne was used to eating whatever she wanted. She didn’t have to worry about getting her workout in every day because she was exercising on the basketball court. Now Loree has to build the time to eat right and work out into her daily routine. “I had to make it a priority so it was just part of my day,” she said.

Loree is the head women’s basketball coach at the University of Puget Sound, which allows her to see visions of the athlete she used to be through her team. “Watching as a coach these athletes do what you used to do, I think that helps being in that environment,” she said. Structure is key for Loree and she uses the schedule of her team’s practices and weight trainings to help her find time to work out. If 3 o’clock practice is starting to roll around and she hasn’t worked out, she will drop what she’s doing to get it done. “I want them to see me also as a role model and a mentor in that capacity rather than just standing on the sideline drinking my Diet Coke,” Loree said. “I felt that it was important for me to do as I’m saying and practice what I preach with my student-athletes.”

With her job as a college basketball coach, Loree is in a great setting to be able to lead a healthy life. She is able to use her school’s athletic facilities and some of her colleagues are also her workout partners. The true struggle for Loree rests in her food choices, which is a daily battle, but eating in moderation has been critical for her success. “I can have some, but I’m going to limit myself,” Loree said. “I’m not going to have ice cream every night.”

Loree has rediscovered the discipline she had as a college athlete and is implementing that into living a healthy lifestyle. She uses the journey she’s been on as motivation to keep pushing forward. “Sometimes you have to go through those times and those trials and the hard work that it took to get out of that to actually appreciate where you’re at and what you’re doing now,” she said.

Join Loree and her University of Puget Sound team for some exercise as they Cycle the Sound.


Loree Before Deciding to Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Loree 2

Loree After Becoming More Health-Conscious


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