Missy Bequette

Missy Bequette, former director of basketball operations for the Seattle Storm, is taking the steps to a healthier lifestyle. Missy found her initial motivation from watching head coach Brian Agler and athletic trainer Tom Spencer work out while traveling and challenged herself to adopt the same habits.


Missy on an 8/11 bike ride called the Providence Bridge Pedal in Portland. Crossed 10 of the bridges in Portland and covered about 33 miles.

An avid biker, Missy logs dozens of miles per week on rides that have reached up to 62 miles long.  But she’s not satisfied yet. “My goal is by the end of the summer to do a full century,” Missy said, who makes sure to take advantage of the great Seattle terrain for biking. In addition to biking, she is attempting to broaden her forms of exercise and take up hiking and walking, something that she never had an interest in before. “I didn’t used to like walking, but I want to get out and do some more hikes in the hills and be more aggressive because it’s so beautiful out in the summer,” she said.

Missy has practiced a routine that keeps her on track to a fit and active lifestyle, but can readily recognize the challenges a fast-paced lifestyle can present, from tempting food in the office to that enticing glass of wine at dinner. “There are a lot of challenges and it’s a matter of just staying focused.” Missy has learned to adapt to the work environment and incorporate healthy choices and exercise at work, whether it’s taking the stairs two at a time or packing healthy meals for the day to avoid indulging.

Missy has shown discipline and made herself a model of hard work and self-control, something that is to be valued not only in life, but particularly in the work world where time is hard to come by. “I think it’s just a mindset that I’ve had to learn and not everybody’s going to be perfect,” she said.


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