Personal Stories

Need some inspiration? Read about our fans and friends as they tell their stories about the journeys they’re making towards leading a healthy lifestyle.

Start a 30-Day Challenge of your own

Missy Bequette

Loree Payne

30-Day Challenge Participants:

Storm President & CEO Karen Bryant:
1. Eat a healthy breakfast
2. 45 minutes of exercise or 10,000 steps
3. 15 minutes of meditation
Stretch Goal: Eat whole foods two days a week

WNBA President Laurel Richie:
1. No french fries or potato chips
2. Exercise two times a week
3. 15 minutes of quiet time per day
Stretch Goal: Try two new activities to stay active

Storm head coach and general manager Brian Agler
1. Average five miles per day each week
2. Incorporate two different fruits and two different vegetables into meals
3. Eight hours of sleep
Stretch Goal: 90 minutes of core/strength training each week

Storm co-owner Ginny Gilder:
1. 10 minutes of meditation and 60 minutes of writing
2. No added butter or cream of any kind
3. Five minutes of stretching
Stretch Goal: Do a century bike ride (100 miles) either up to Paradise or Sunrise at Mr. Rainier

New Day Northwest Host Margaret Larson:
1. Stick with meal plan
2. 20 minutes of weight training four times a week
3. get at least seven hours of sleep each night
Stretch Goal: Try a new fitness activity each week

Seattle Times Reporter Jayda Evans
1. Park farther away for more walking
2. One hour no technology
3. No store-bought sweets
Stretch Goal: Always use the stairs


6 thoughts on “Personal Stories

  1. 1. Drink 8, 8 oz glasses of water each day
    2. Weekdays – Lights out 11:30pm, Weekends – Lights out 12:00am (at the latest)
    3. 50 crunches daily (at the gym or at home)
    Stretch Goal: Run 3+ total miles each week.

    Excited to join the 30-Day Challenge!

  2. Margaret, I’m so glad you’ve joined the Challenge! Let’s keep each other motivated to achieve our goals. See you soon. KB

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  4. ok, day 8 and I am definitely uncomfortable with the daily focus required to meet my goals…. doing pretty well, but that heavy cream in my fridge is still calling my name and it feels a bit, well to be honest, BORING, to stretch every day, but I’m gettin’ it done, and I do feel a little less tightness in my hamstrings…. maybe there is something to this routine.

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